VIP – Vanilla Ice (Design) Process

Any good design studio has a well thought out design process. Simply waiting around and hoping that the light bulb will suddenly go off wouldn’t be very effective. While having a strong artistic intuition can certainly help, creativity isn’t merely an elusive process involving sudden lightning strikes or muses dancing around in our brains. To create consistently successful visual solutions, we employ a creative process which involves preparing our minds by collecting lots of information, seeking insight and meaning from the material we collected, and then refining those ideas until we craft something that is fresh, meaningful, and memorable.

In the words of artist Chuck Close, “Inspiration is for Amateurs. The rest of us just get to work.”

Our design process just so happens to find a little extra flavor thanks to the lyrics of the 1990 Vanilla Ice hit, Ice Ice Baby. Why? Aside from being Care Bear hugging, He-Man loving, Reading Rainbow watching products of the 90’s, we have an affinity for the slightly quirky. Not to mention, this is further proof that if you use a well thought out process you can take two things from different parts of the universe (in this case Ice Ice Baby and our ‘happy little’ design process) and bring them together to create something both unique and reflective of the subject it is intended to represent.

  •  1.  Alright, Stop, Collaborate & Listen

The first step in our design process is get to know you, your target audience and your industry. This step involves a lot of questions, a lot of reading, a lot of looking at inspirational materials and a lot of collaboration between us and yourself.  We’ll chat over the phone and/or correspond over email until we feel we fully understand your goals and vision for your business. This phase ends with the creation of a mood board which serves as creative direction for the project at hand.

  • 2.  If Ya Gotta Problem, Yo, We’ll Solve It

With a solid understanding of what needs to be communicated, it’s on to the brainstorming stage.  This is where we begin to really pick at the root of the design ‘problem’ and develop solutions. We make lists, sketches, more lists and more sketches. We then discuss our initial concepts with you (and maybe a few sketches) to determine which ideas you would like to bring to life.

  • 3.  Love It Or Leave It, You Better Gain Way

Once we have determined which concepts to explore in further detail, we begin creating digital mock ups. Together, we review an array of mock ups and decide which concepts we love and which to leave behind.

  • 4.  Anything Less Than The Best Is A Felony 

After reviewing the mock ups, we take your favorite and see if we can push it even further. We tweak colors, make adjustments and create an array of variations. This ensures we have fully explored the possibilities and have implemented the best possible visual solution. If it’s not the best, we won’t let it rest!

  • 5.  Word To Your Mother

The last step is to finalize the design and provide you with your Logo Media Kit, website access, and/or printed collateral pieces. You will be so proud of your final design solution that you’ll definitely want to show your mother! Word.

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